From the desk of Anthony Rees


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) published a report yesterday giving an overview of existing international regulatory initiatives for human medicines.
The mapping was carried out by EMA on behalf of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA).
ICMRA is currently mapping out (and we suspect rolling out) a harmonised framework for the regulation of CAM/NHPs for its member countries.
We are aware that ICMRA meets twice a year in various locations around the world, and has established an ad hoc committee on CAM/NHPs. This committee operates on an ongoing basis through an electronic discussion group.
There is no doubt that the recent regulatory fervor of regulators to facilitate the pharmaceutical expropriation of natural health is being influenced by this supra-national body behind closed doors.
The report lists all international harmonization projects for human medicine regulation and provides international regulatory agencies with comprehensive details on the number and scope of global initiatives that can support decision-making regarding future engagement, prioritization and coordination between regulators. The stated aim of the mapping exercise was to raise awareness of ongoing international regulatory activities, and to help avoid duplication of efforts, identify possible gaps and to realize a convergent framework.
The report was presented at a summit of heads of medicines regulators and the annual ICMRA meeting which took place in Interlaken, Switzerland, yesterday.


Anthony Rees
National Chairman