• Who are we?
  • What do we stand for?
  • Why do we exist?

Citizens for Choice in Health Care is a provincial non-profit association.  Its goal is to advocate for the integration of complementary therapies as an accepted part of traditional medical practice.

Our motto is, “Freedom of Choice in Health Care”, the operative word being freedom.


We believe in enabling individuals to take control of their own health and enhance their well-being and for patients to have access to medical information on traditional and complementary therapies. We will continue to submit letters, petitions and briefs to provincial and federal governments for freedom of choice in health care.

CCHC works to promote the responsibility of individuals to take charge of their own health and wellness, and their right to choose the methods by which they may accomplish this.  If a particular complementary therapy works for us, we should have the privilege and freedom to choose that therapy as well as the practitioner. Government and governing bodies should pay far more attention to clinical results and concentrate on researching why a particular therapy works, as opposed to condemning and persecuting those practitioners who dare to deviate from traditional or prevailing medical treatment.

Mission Statement

If a particular therapy works for us we should have he right and freedom to choose that therapy, as well as the practitioner administering it.

Goals and Issues

Citizens can have a major impact on government decisions and regulations. There are many health issues that are not sufficiently covered by media and certainly ignored by governments.

• Appropriate labelling of processed and packaged foods to include all ingredients

• Appropriate labelling of Genetically Modified Foods

• Fluoridation of water supplies

• Mercury dental fillings – there are an increasing number of studies indicating mercury fillings are being contributed to various nerve diseases.

• Terminator seeds – companies like Monsanto will control our seed supply (food supply)

• Educating the public on Bills such as Bill C-51 (An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act) and Bill C-36 (the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and any others introduced

• Codex Alimentarius and their attempts to “harmonize” foods including vitamins and supplements on a global basis.

These are some of the reasons why there needs to be associations like CCHC for the preservation of freedom of choice.

CCHC needs your support to enable us to meet the challenges ahead.